FESTIVAL DE MALAGA 2021 Spanish films competition

Malaga Film Festival 2021, Spanish films competition reaches its 24th edition, reinforcing its commitment to the Ibero-American audiovisual industry. From June 3 to 13, Malaga will be the world capital of Spanish cinematography. In a format again adapted to the circumstances and restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Festival de Malaga comes back with a Official Section of feature films competition that reflects the current state of Spanish cinematography. The official feature film competition will be opened by the movie El Cover cover, and include 23 feature films.

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    Trailer: El cover
    Secun de la Rosa | 2020 | España, Portugal

    Dani has inherited from his family the love of music and also the fear of failure. So she works as a waiter rather than living off her dream as her parents. This year, like every summer, Benidorm is full of artists who come to sing in its bars, hotels and nightclubs. There Dani meets Sandra, who will change her way of understanding art.

    15 horas
    Judith Colell | 2020 | República Dominicana, España

    The music brought them together. Aura, soloist in the first violin section and Manuel, the fashionable conductor, are the most envied marriage in the country. Artists, famous and rich, their relationship hides an unspeakable secret. He mistreats her, something she has hidden for too long. One day, fed up with her incommunicado hell, Aura decides to take the step and ask for help, then what she had always suspected but she never dared to confirm happens.

    Años luz
    Joaquín Mauad | 2021 | Uruguay

    Mateo (32), Belén (29) and María José (35) are three brothers who, being estranged, meet again to finalize the sale of the house where they lived their childhood and adolescence. With this objective, they set out on a journey to their hometown, but the road will put obstacles and signs that will lead them to encounter their own conflicts and solve their family problems. Faced with what has not yet been buried, the unexpected fate arises: the truth. Years of Light portrays the problems of a family not as broken as it seemed, which still has a lot of love to give

    Júlia de Paz Solvas | 2020 | España

    Ama tells the story of many women exposed alone to mythical motherhood. After several warnings, Ade throws her friend Pepa de ella from her house and she ends up seeing herself on the street with Leila, her six-year-old daughter. With no one to help them, Pepa and Leila will fight alone to find a place to live. Facing each obstacle, they will undertake a search that will also entail a rapprochement within their previously practically non-existent and distant relationship. A new bond will be created between mother and daughter, where mistakes and desidealization will have a place.

    Carlos Cuarón | 2021 | México

    Four dentists, three men and one woman, meet at a congress in the Riviera Maya. They want her, but she has something else in mind. Everyone runs away from their own story of pain. And they spend a crazy weekend of jealousy, envy and excess together on a tiny island in the Mexican Caribbean that will mark their lives forever.

    Cómo mueren las reinas
    Lucas Turturro | 2021 | Argentina

    Seventeen-year-old Juana and fourteen-year-old Mara live on her aunt’s farm and tend the beehives and honey production. Their bodies boil. The arrival of a cousin shakes the quiet of the countryside and destabilizes the union of the sisters. While Mara is interested in experiencing her sexual awakening with Lucio, Juana’s jealousy intensifies. And as Mara moves away from her, Juana wants to have her closer and closer to her. Meanwhile Juana does not manage to fulfill her plans, summer with the family will become a fierce experience. The hive prepares for the arrival of a new queen bee

    Carol Rodríguez Colás | 2020 | España

    Marta, Desi, Soraya and Bea, inseparable friends in adolescence, meet again in the neighborhood to revive the friendship that united them, share new adventures together and face the dilemmas that surround them. A reality that will force them to face those adolescents they were and the women they want to be. Almost without realizing it, they will help each other make important decisions in their lives. The passage of time and how different they are will not be an excuse for their friendship to prevail over everything else

    Con quién viajas
    Hugo Martín Cuervo | 2021 | España

    Four strangers stay in the center of Madrid to drive to Cieza, Murcia, thanks to a shared travel application. During the journey, passengers chat about aspects of their lives to break the ice. Everything flows normally, but the driver seems to hide something and behaves strangely. The trip will be very surreal and more fun than they expected.

    Destello bravío
    Ainhoa Rodríguez | 2021 | España

    “A brave, brave flash is going to happen, and everything is going to change …”, Isa speaks to herself, leaving messages on her recorder for when she disappears or loses her memory. Cita feels trapped in a marriage in a house full of saints and virgins. María returns to the town where she was born to face her loneliness. The women of a small rural town, suspended in time and plagued by depopulation, live between the apathy of their day to day where nothing extraordinary happens and a deep desire for liberating experiences that make them reconnect with the place where they were happy or dreamed.

    El sustituto
    Óscar Aibar | 2020 | España

    1982. A young police officer hardened in the harshest neighborhoods of Madrid accepts a destination in a seaside town in the hope of curing his daughter and, incidentally, gaining some peace of mind. Once there, he is involved in the investigation of the strange murder of the inspector whom he has to replace. The investigations will take you to a beach hotel where a community of elderly Nazis, claimed by many countries for crimes against humanity, lives a heavenly and happy retreat.

    El ventre del mar (El vientre del mar)
    Agustí Villaronga | 2021 | España
    June 1816. The French frigate Alliance runs aground off the coast of Senegal. Without enough boats for everyone, a raft is built to tow 147 men to shore. But panic and confusion seize the convoy and cut the tow rope, abandoning the raft to its fate. Hunger, madness and a fierce fight break out on that drifting raft. Savigny, a ruthless medical officer, and Thomas, a rebellious private sailor, face each other with a different attitude to survive. A horror that lasted days and days. A scene where the greatest of cruelties and the sweetest of pieties were shown.

    Hombre muerto no sabe vivir
    Ezekiel Montes | 2021 | España

    The story revolves around Tano, who has worked all his life for Manuel, a construction businessman who in better times controlled the entire city. Now, in old age, Tano sees how Manuel can no longer run the company and the entire structure faces a generational change, new people, new businesses, a new way of running the company, but the same violence as always.

    Juan Pablo Félix | 2020 | Argentina, Brasil, México, Chile, Noruega, Bolivía

    Cabra is a rebellious teenager who lives with his mother in northern Argentina, on the border with Bolivia. He dreams of becoming a professional dancer in Malambo, the folk dance of the gauchos. As he prepares for the most important competition of his life, he receives an unexpected visit from his father, El Corto, a con man who just got out of jail for a few days on leave. El Corto takes Cabra and his mother on a mysterious journey through the Andean highways where they meet again. But Cabra and his mother will find themselves involved in violent and criminal situations. Will Cabra have to abandon his father to continue with his dreams?

    La casa del caracol
    Macarena Astorga | 2020 | España, Perú

    The writer Antonio Prieto decides to spend the summer in a town in the Malaga mountains, where he hopes to find tranquility and inspiration for his next novel. There he meets Berta, a woman for whom he feels an instant attraction, as well as some peculiar characters about whom he begins to write and research. Antonio begins to discover that the locals hold numerous secrets and a disturbing hidden legend. The reality that he will live in those days will make him realize that, sometimes, reality far exceeds the myths …

    La ciudad de las fieras
    Henry Rincón | 2021 | Colombia, Ecuador

    Tato, 17, is an aimless orphan and a young rap lover. In the company of his friends, 18-year-old Pitu and 16-year-old La Crespa, they seek to resist and find a different alternative to the violence in their neighborhood, participating in improvisational street battles. After an altercation with gang members from his neighborhood, Tato must flee, his only option is to live with Octavio, a grandfather, a floriculturist, whom he does not know, and who wishes to inherit the peasant cultural tradition from him. Two generations, two ways of life and a continuous sense of loss, death and loneliness mark Tato’s life as he struggles to survive and find his own identity.

    Las consecuencias
    Claudia Pinto Emperador | 2021 | España, Holanda, Bélgica

    On a trip to a small volcanic island, Fabiola becomes a spy for her home. She has no evidence or certainties, but her intuition tells him that not everything is what it seems. She is torn between fear of what she may find and the need for answers. How far can she delve into the privacy of others? How far do you lie to protect the people you love?

    Las mejores familias
    Javier Fuentes-León | 2020 | Perú, Colombia

    Luzmila and Peta are two sisters who work as maids for Alicia and Carmen, two aristocratic ladies from Peru. They are considered part of the families or, at least, that’s what it seems… But one day, while the city is taken over by violent protests, a birthday celebration brings together all the members of the families. A long-held secret by both of them – above and below – is suddenly revealed, thus exploding the bubble of her perfect aristocratic world forever.

    Live is life
    Daniel de la Torre | 2020 | España

    Summer 1985. As every year, Rodri leaves Catalonia and returns to the Galician town of his parents to reunite with his gang. However, this year is different for him and his friends. Real world problems begin to appear in their lives threatening to tear them apart. Clinging to the friendship that binds them together, the five friends plan to escape on Midsummer night in search of a magical flower that, according to legend, grows high on a mountain and can make wishes come true. Because his only wish now is to solve the problem of his friend in distress and thus be able to continue together. An adventure that will make you grow through a fascinating path full of action, excitement and hope, and that will leave you in the memory forever that summer in which Live is Life sounded in the background

    Mulher oceano (Mujer océano)
    Djin Sganzerla | 2020 | Brasil

    After moving to Tokyo, a Brazilian writer begins a new novel inspired by her experiences in Japan and one of the last scenes she witnessed in Rio de Janeiro: a swimmer soaring over the horizon with powerful blows in the open sea. Those two women apparently share no connection, until their lives start to interfere with each other strangely linked across the sea. Hannah, the writer, goes on a journey of self-discovery in Japan, while Ana, the swimmer in Rio de Janeiro, strangely has her body transformed into a kind of inner ocean


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