COVID-19, PHASE 1 FOR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS IN SPAIN – Phase 1 has been introduced in most of the Spain including our Malaga Province where Spain Film Office is based. Phase 1 brings important de-escalation measures in video productions. The most novel thing is that film and television crews and photographers will have freedom of movement in these areas and be able to do commercial activities. The other great social novelty is that meetings are allowed for up to a maximum of 10 people inside buildings and terraces. The retail stores of up to a maximum of 400 square meters are reopened as long as they are not in shopping centres, which will remain closed to the public.

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    How does Phase 1 affect audiovisual production?

    It is taken up with security measures. Films can be made on sets and private spaces, as well as in public spaces that have the corresponding authorization from the city council.

    How we have to do audiovisual productions in Phase 1?

    First is to continue remote working and Spain Film Office developed facilities of offline communications using WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom. For work on a location, various safety measures are established for crews. The agency must guarantee an interpersonal safety distance of approximately two meters and disinfectant gels must be available to crewmembers. When the safety distance cannot be guaranteed, all personnel must wear protective equipment (such as masks).

    How and when can I travel by car?

    In this phase 0, if you do not live in the same house, two people can travel in the car in rows of different seats and with masks. The same happens with motorcycles: if they live together, they can travel without problems; if not, they must do so with an integral helmet or, failing that, with another helmet and with a mask.

    Phase 1 allows a family of four, for example, to travel in the same vehicle to carry out the activities authorized at that stage, which allows initial social contact with family and friends in small groups. If they do not live together, the same situation as in phase 0: different rows of seats and with masks. The motorcycles, exactly the same as in the previous case.

    Where can I shoot in Phase 1?

    The Government has established the territorial units that have accessed Phase 1. Most of these units are provinces, but there are also islands or sanitary zones. In all of them the free movement of people is allowed to do commercial activities that are allowed.

    Can I move to another province that is also in Phase 1?

    No. Mobility between provinces is not allowed as a general rule and has nothing to do with what stage. Interprovincial mobility is only contemplated in very specific cases. They must be “sanitary, labour, professional or business reasons, of return to the place of residence”

    Can I get together with the crew members?

    Yes now. Social contact returns but with limits. Group meetings of up to 10 people are allowed both inside buildings or on the terraces and patios of the bars. The maximum is always 10 people.

    Can I stay in another accommodation in phase 1?

    Although the Government had initially said no, it has finally rectified and will allow the use of the second residences in Phase 1 as long as they are located in the same province as the current residence. Therefore, those who want to move to the town house, the beach or the mountain will have free access.

    Can I go to a hotel?

    It is allowed to go to a hotel when it is in the same province of residence. You cannot leave the province. The restrictions operate in common areas, for example, the use of spas, gyms, mini clubs, children’s areas, discotheques or event rooms is prohibited. What will be allowed is the catering service exclusively for customers.

    What businesses and services reopen with Phase 1?

    Retail stores and professional service activity establishments that are less than 400 square meters in area. The exception is all those who, despite meeting this requirement, are located within shopping malls. If they do not have independent access from the street, they cannot open.

    What business activities still require making an appointment?

    Automotive dealerships, ITV stations, and garden centres and plant nurseries.

    What measures do commercial establishments have to take?

    They are various. For starters, they can only open with 30% of the normal capacity and a social distance between customers of two meters has to be guaranteed. If this is not possible, only one person can access the premises. In addition, it establishes a strict protocol for the disinfection of the establishment (minimum twice a day), the attention of the staff or the provision of disinfectant gels to the client.


    Do the time slots change in phase 0 for walks, taking the children or playing sports?

    To walk, take the children or play sports on the street, it is still mandatory to respect the same time slots that exist in phase 0. Each region will have the ability to move the slots up to two hours, to advance it and to delay it. Preventing, however, that the bands for vulnerable children, athletes or adults overlap. There is a paradox that to walk down the street you have to respect the established schedule but you can go at any time to the cafe or bar – as long as it is open.

    Can I go to a shop or bar that is more than a kilometre from my home? And outside the municipality?

    The answer is yes to both questions. The territorial units (provinces, islands or sanitary zones) that are in Phase 1 are allowed the freedom of movement of their residents for all its extension. Of course, people with symptoms and vulnerable people cannot do it if their clinical condition does not advise it.
    Under what conditions do the terraces of bars and restaurants open?

    They must be outdoors and, after a change in the last days, the maximum capacity allowed will finally be 50%, although safety distances must be guaranteed. At the same table or set of tables there can be a maximum of 10 people, as this is the limit for social gatherings. Outdoor terraces and patios are considered “any uncovered space or any space that when covered is laterally surrounded by a maximum of two walls, walls or walls”.

    What will change in bars?

    The use of letters in common use will be avoided and the use of own electronic devices, blackboards, posters or other similar means will be prioritized. Likewise, self-service products such as napkin rings, toothpicks, cruets, oil cans, and other similar utensils will no longer be distributed at the tables. Disposable pods will now be distributed. Anything that has to do with a single use will also be favored, to be able to throw it away, such as paper tablecloths.

    How do the protocols affect clothing stores? Can I try on a garment? And return it?

    In establishments in the commercial textile sector, clothing repair and the like, testers may continue to be used, but must be done by a single person. After use they will be cleaned and disinfected. If the customer does not buy the tested garment, the establishment must sanitize it before putting it back on sale. Clothes returns continue to operate the same, the only thing is that the store has to disinfect the garment afterwards.

    When can I go to the open air market?

    From now on, markets can be installed as long as they are outdoors, but the final decision of which ones will be left to the municipalities, which are the ones that best know the local peculiarities. The general rule is that there cannot be more than 25% of the seats and a maximum of a third of the usual capacity.

    How will gyms work?

    Individual activity must be done at all times and, for this, an appointment must be requested. It is the measure adopted to avoid accumulations and contacts. They will have 30% of the capacity, will force a minimum of two meters of separation and the showers and changing rooms will remain closed at all times. One person per coach.

    What are the general conditions for practicing sport in sports facilities?

    Outdoor sports facilities will be accessible, except for swimming pools and water areas. As there is freedom of movement in the province, island or sanitary zone that is in Phase 1, anyone can move the kilometers they need to go to the sports facility as long as it belongs to the same territorial unit. Once inside, individual sports or those that can be carried out by a maximum of two people will be allowed, as long as they do not maintain physical contact and comply with the interpersonal distance of two meters. The activity will require an appointment. There will be shifts and schedules, outside of which you will not be able to stay in it. All these limitations do not apply to hunting and fishing.

    And for professional and federated athletes?

    High Performance Centres open. The training sessions will preferably be carried out individually, establishing shifts and access times, and the tasks to be carried out will always be done without physical contact and respecting the safety distance.
    Regarding professional competitions, such as the soccer league, clubs may carry out individualized physical and technical tasks, as well as non-exhaustive tactical training, in groups of a maximum of 10 athletes, maintaining the interpersonal distance of two meters. A curiosity: journalists will not be able to attend these trainings to cover the information.

    Can I go to a library?

    You can go to the library to pick up and return books, but not to spend hours studying. Borrowed books will be set aside 14 days before being available.

    Can I go to museums?

    Phase 1 allows the reopening of the museums but only with a third of the capacity. There will be no complementary cultural activities and no tactile devices, brochures or audio guides for the visits. The get it will be closed.

    What are the conditions to go to cultural acts or shows?

    You can go to theatres, cinemas or other events completing only a third of the capacity and as long as the public can sit. In closed spaces the maximum will be 30 people and if it is outdoors 200. The rooms must reduce the number of seats and avoid the passage of people between rows. Similarly, emphasis is placed on staggering both the input and the output. Papers or brochures will not be delivered and stores or cafeterias will not be opened.

    Are social services already open?

    Phase 1 allows the opening of centres and services for social uses but prioritizing the remote communication when possible. The availability of access to therapy, rehabilitation, early care and day care services will be guaranteed for people with disabilities and / or in situations of dependency.


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